About Mizoram Kailawn

The Government of Mizoram wants to encourage the people in the state, especially the youth, to aspire to become successful entrepreneurs, thus helping themselves, their communities, and also contributing to the socio-economic development of Mizoram.

MEDMOC (Mizoram Entrepreneurship Development & Monitoring Committee), Government of Mizoram, in association with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, has embarked on a series of Entrepreneurship Development Programme under the brand name Mizoram Kailwan.

Several Initiatives are being planned under Mizoram Kailwan to kick start the entrepreneurship movement in Mizoram. The first initiative is the Business Plan Contest (B-Plan contest) and at the final stage of the B-Plan contest, there will be an Entrepreneurship Summit (E-summit) to identify emerging opportunities of entrepreneurship in Mizoram.


Mizoram Entrepreneurship Development Monitoring Committee (MEDMOC) was constituted to oversee the entrepreneurship development scheme under New Economic Development Policy (NEDP) of Mizoram. In order to promote entrepreneurship, MEDMOC engages in conducting awareness campaigns, micro start-up capital competitions and other initiatives.

About IIM Calcutta Innovation Park:

IIM Calcutta Innovation Park – established under the aegis of IIM Calcutta – is a leading Business Incubator focused on fostering entrepreneurship and supporting start-ups, especially in East & North-East India. IIMCIP has partnered with Mizoram University & local entrepreneurs over the last 2 years in spreading awareness about social entrepreneurship in Mizoram.